Full Cellebrite Training Catalog

Core Mobile Forensic Courses


Cellebrite Mobile Forensics Fundamentals (CMFF)

2 day Entry-level course

Provides attendees with compulsory digital forensics core knowledge.


Cellebrite Certified Operator (CCO)

2 day Intermediate-level course

Designed for those participants tasked with extracting data in a forensically sound manner using UFED Touch or UFED 4PC.


Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA)

3 day Advanced-level course

Advanced level program designed for technically savvy investigators, digital evidence analysts, and forensic practitioners.


Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner (CCME)

Self-paced Examination

A capstone certification program for Cellebrite’s core mobile forensic track. This certification program is designed to measure the knowledge, skills, and abilities of certification candidates.

Investigative, Advanced, and Expert Courses


Cellebrite UFED Field Operator (CUFO)

1 day Entry-level course

Focuses on the use of Cellebrite’s UFED Kiosk to perform logical extractions, password bypasses and the analysis of evidentiary items using the UFED InField software. 


Cellebrite UFED Field Manager (CUFM)

1/2 day Entry-level course

Focuses on the management of Cellebrite’s UFED Kiosk including access control, updates and logging using the UFED InField software and Permission Manager.


Cellebrite Cloud Extraction and Reporting (CLEAR)

1 day Entry-level course

Focuses on the use of Cellebrite’s Cloud Analyzer software to perform data extractions, analysis, and reporting of supported cloud-based repositories of data.


Video Evidence Recovery and Analysis (VERA)

5 day Intermediate-level course

An introduction for investigators, examiners and analysts to digital video technology.


Social Network Investigations (CSNI)

4 day Intermediate-level course

Provides students with an introduction to social media investigations to include pre-seizure actions and basic investigative techniques.


Cellebrite UFED Reader (READER)

1 day Entry-level course

For non-technical personnel, introducing them to digital devices and evidence, and their role in investigations


Cellebrite Evidence Repair Technician (CERT-F)

5 day Expert-level course

Learn best practices and how to replace key components on mobile devices and USB flash drives using proper disassembly and reassembly techniques.


Analytics Enterprise (AE) and Analytics Desktop (AD)

1 day Entry-level course

Both courses are designed specifically to address the use of the Cellebrite Analytics solutions.


Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation (HTCE)

3 day Intermediate-level course

Teaches child exploitation and human trafficking team members, investigators, examiners, first responders and other personnel units the principles of evidence extraction, analysis and reporting.


Cellebrite Digital Forensics for Legal Professionals (CDFL)

2 day Entry-level course

For educating personnel charged with the review, submission, and pursuit of justice using digital forensics evidence.


Cellebrite Advanced Smartphone Analysis (CASA)

4 day Expert-level certification

Students will take an in-depth look at the forensic recovery of application data found in today’s smartphones.


Chip-Off Forensics Training (CASE)

5 day Advanced-level certification

Learn about the chip-off process and understand the equipment and accessories necessary for performing successful chip-off extractions.


Python in Cellebrite Physical Analyzer Training (CEFA)

5 day Expert-level certification

A hands-on, in-depth look using Python to process and aid in the investigation of the forensic recovery of data found in today’s smartphones.


In-System Programming Extraction (CAIE)

5 day Advanced-level certification

Learn about the In-System Programming (ISP) process and understand the equipment and accessories necessary for performing direct eMMC/eMCP (ISP) extractions without the need for chip-off.

Authorized Partner Courses


Cellebrite Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

5 day Advanced-level course

Certification bootcamp prepares you for your cybersecurity certification.


Linux Foundations - Level I and II

5 day courses

Introduces examiners to using Linux in a forensic environment and to Linux Security, featuring multiple toolsets.


Apple Forensics Investigations

5 day course

Instructs examiners how to navigate the most important Mac, iPhone, and iPad device areas.
Analysis methodologies are covered via hands-on work with actual data and instructor-led exercises.

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