Cellebrite eDiscovery Investigations Practitioner (CEIP)

4 days
Entry-level course

Course Description

The Cellebrite eDiscovery Investigations Practitioner (CEIP) is a 4 Day Entry/Beginner-level course designed for eDiscovery investigators tasked with digital data collection. Participants will learn about legal matters associated with the targeted data collection. Students will learn the best practices associated with data collection planning, data acquisition from computers and cloud sources, data extractions from mobile devices, data cultivation, auditing, and reporting.

Cellebrite aims to support learners in the pursuit of excellence in Digital Intelligence specialty areas without the need to commit to any degree program. Cellebrite's Academic & Learning Paths provide guided training programs and continuous skill set development to achieve various levels of educational or professional goals.

Course Content 

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Data Acquisition
  • Discuss the methodology of acquiring data
  • Recognize how to boot into Digital Collector
  • Recognize the action necessary to acquire data using Endpoint Inspector
  • Identify iOS backup evidence on a device
  • Complete a mobile device acquisition with UFED
  • Collect cloud data using PA Cloud
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Data Cultivation
  • Describe data cultivation
  • Illustrate the different types of searching and filtering in Inspector
  • Practice creating smart index queries
  • Demonstrate tagging evidence in Physical Analyzer and Inspector
  • Explain the process of deduplication
  • Apply deduplication to data in Physical Analyzer and Inspector
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Evidence Extraction and Upload to Relativity
  • Practice extracting different types of evidence in Physical Analyzer and Inspector
  • Describe Inspector’s Portable Case
  • Describe Physical Analyzer’s UFED Reader
  • Recognize LegalView and how to view messages in a graphical format
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