Chainalysis Reactor Certification (CRC)

2 days
Entry-level course

Course Description

The Chainalysis Reactor Certification (CRC) provides practitioners with the knowledge and skills to analyze and trace transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. This comprehensive training using Reactor, the tool of choice for investigators, compliance officers, analysts, and regulators , can be provided live virtually by our product and industry expert Training Specialists (other delivery options may be available for private groups).

Upon completion, practitioners will be able to apply practical techniques to derive actionable intelligence from the blockchain using Chainalysis Reactor


Crypto Essentials or a basic understanding of Bitcoin transactions

Reactor Essentials training and/or active Reactor usage.

Course Content 

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Review of Introductory Training
  • Bitcoin Transactions & Chainalysis
  • Reactor Fundamentals
  • Building graphs

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Analytical Techniques
  • Isolating Deposit Addresses
  • Transaction Analysis & Cluster Merges
  • Identifying transactions of interest
  • Peel Chain Analysis
  • Identification Strategies
  • Identifying mixers
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