Cellebrite Certifications

The Value of a Cellebrite Certification

What does it mean to be certified?

A certification credential is awarded to certify that recipient's proficiency as measured by written and practical assessments.

Cellebrite requires a score of 80% or better on all examinations and practical skills assessments to achieve a passing score for all certifications (individual course requirements may vary).

Why is certification important?

When introducing evidence in criminal and civil proceedings, examiners holding valid Cellebrite Certified Operator (CCO), Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA), and Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner (CCME) certifications are preferred over those who cannot prove their competency.

Some jurisdictions require those who will be introducing evidence in legal proceedings to possess appropriate certifications

As explained previously, when a student earns certifications from Cellebrite, it means they have demonstrated their ability to meet or exceed competencies for that credential to be issued to them.

Certification expiration and renewal

Cellebrite Core certifications are valid for 2 years.
Certified BlackLight Examiner (CBE) certificants - Please review details about your certification here
Cellebrite requires core certifications to be renewed every two years.

This includes:

Advanced and expert classes offering certifications do not expire.

Certificants failing to recertify by their expiration date will be classified as expired.

When a certification expires, a student is granted a redemption period of 24 months (with exception of CCME - 12 months).

To renew expired core certifications during the redemption period, the holder of that certification must register for and successfully complete the appropriate Recertification Refresher Course. This does not include an exam.

Certificants who fail to renew expired certifications within the redemption period must repeat the program in its entirety, including payment of any training, administrative and examination fees.

Core Certification Requirements

Mobile Forensics
Cellebrite Certified Operator

To be eligible to recertify a CCO certification, a certification must be current (or expired no more than 24 months)

If a certificant has only earned CCO, they can renew by one of two ways:

  • Complete the On Demand CCO Only Recertification Class (details below); or
  • Attend and achieve CCPA
Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst
Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst

To be eligible to recertify a CCPA certification, a certification must be current (or expired no more than 24 months)

If the certificant has earned the CCPA certification, they can renew by one of three ways:

  • Complete the on-demand CCPA Only Recertification Class (details below); or
  • If they also achieved CCO, they will complete the CCO+CCPA version of the on-demand Recertification Class; or
  • Achieve the CCME certification

To be eligible to recertify a CCME certification, a certification must be current (or expired no more than 12 months)

If the certificant has earned CCME, they can renew only one way:

  • Upload Continuing Professional Development: Cellebrite requires documentation verifying attendance at a minimum of 21 hours of continuing professional development related to mobile device or digital forensics from industry recognized organizations - this does not have to be our training courses.
  • Upload Work Experience: Upon submitting the recertification application, Cellebrite requires documentation that the certificant has examined or supervised the examination of at least three (3) mobile devices during the previous certification period.
Computer Forensics
January 1, 2021: Notice to BlackBag Certificants
Active Certified BlackLight Examiner (CBE) certification are now governed by the Cellebrite Certification Policy.

Certified Mobilyze Operator (CMO) and MacOS & iOS Certified Forensic Examiner (MiCFE) certifications

Please be advised that these certifications have been discontinued, but will remain valid until expiration.
For active CBE certification holders:

  • Current certifications will remain valid until the expiration date on currently issued credentials
  • Upon renewal, CBE certifications will be issued in line with all other certifications issued by Cellebrite
  • Therefore, renewed CBE certifications shall be issued for two years when you renew
  • The CBE recertification schema will be published on this page when available
Last modified: Monday, January 31, 2022, 9:45 AM