Cellebrite Certified Recovery Specialist


Course Description

Digital examiners are continually faced with digital devices that could contain potential evidence, not just mobile phones but also smart devices, vehicle GPS, drones, and so much more. The Cellebrite Certified Recover Specialist (CCRS) certification track will provide practitioners with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to identify potential electronic evidence, properly collect data and extract data on multiple digital devices, and repair devices to a functional state to facilitate an extraction. 
Earning the CCRS requires a high level of hands-on and working knowledge of non-standard extraction methods, as well as practical knowledge regarding digital forensics best practice. 

Value of the certification

The CCRS certification track follows a non-linear timeline that allows the candidate to acquire the skillset for device repair and data recovery, as follows: 

  • Criminals often try to destroy evidence by destroying mobile devices. Cellebrite Evidence Recovery Technician-Forensics (CERT-F) provides the skillsets needed to repair mobile devices to a functional state to facilitate extraction. 
  • Unencrypted mobile devices are still manufactured and sold, so it would not be uncommon to receive some mobile devices suitable for Chip off or In System Programing (ISP) extraction. Cellebrite Chip off Forensics (CCOF) or Cellebrite In System Programing (CISP) helps with these skills.
  • IoT (Internet of Things) devices are usually not encrypted. Depending on the device, chip-off or ISP extractions are possible.
  • Vehicle Infotainment systems are usually not encrypted. Chip-off or ISP extraction is a viable option to recover this data.

Combining the skillsets mastered in the CERT-F, CISP, and CCOF provide the practitioner more options for recovering data that may be otherwise overlooked. This also gives the certification holder experience, knowledge and credibility in court as to why a more destructive method was used to obtain an extraction. 

Program Requirements

The CCRS Certification track is successfully obtained by completing the following non-linear course requirements

  1. Cellebrite Mobile Forensic Fundamentals (CMFF) – Certificate of Completion
    (Optional, but highly recommended for beginners)
  2. Cellebrite Certified Operator (CCO) – Core Certification
  3. Cellebrite In System Programming (CISP) – Certificate of Completion
  4. Cellebrite Chip Off Forensics (CCOF) – Certificate of Completion
  5. Cellebrite Evidence Recovery Technician – Forensics (CERT-F) – Certificate of Completion

Once all course requirements are met, the candidate must independently complete the Cellebrite Certified Recovery Specialist (CCRS) knowledge-based examination. CCRS Certification provides proof that the practitioner has demonstrated their ability to meet or exceed competencies in device repair and evidence recovery.

Unless otherwise stated, every course requires a passing grade of 80% or above to obtain a certificate of completion.

Overview of the CCRS Examination  

The CCRS Examination consists of 75 knowledge-based questions which are randomly selected from an exam bank on the prerequisite content (CMFF, CCO, CISP, CCOF, and CERT-F). CCRS candidates will have a time limit of exactly 3 hours (180 minutes) in a single seating to complete the proctored examination. The CCRS Certification is successfully achieved by scoring 80% or higher on the examination. 

Proctored Exam Notice  

The CCRS Examination is proctored using an automated, self-paced proctoring service that requires the use of a camera connected to the student’s PC. There is no need to make appointments, but students must have a valid photo ID available to complete the validation process. 

Strict Time Limitations 

The CCRS process must be completed within 90 days of the candidate’s enrollment date. A candidate’s work or personal schedule is not an acceptable excuse for missing this deadline, therefore there is no waiver available for this time limit. Failure to complete the CCRS within the 90-day period shall be considered a failed attempt.

Recertification Requirements

The CCRS Certification is valid for two years.

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