Official Cellebrite Training Classes

Cellebrite Training

Attention ALL Cellebrite Customers

The Cellebrite Learning Center has been replaced with a new Training system.

All Training activities will now occur within the MyCellebrite Community.

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Customers wishing to explore new training enrollment options should visit
the new Cellebrite Training area of

Please submit a support ticket to access PDF guides for previously completed courses.

For Self-Paced training (aka: Online On Demand) students:

  • If you have not already started a Self-Paced course previously purchased, you are now expected to begin training in the MyCellebrite community portal.

  • Anyone already in progress has until 31 December to complete within this system (CLC).

For questions / concerns related to this process, please submit a support case in the MyCellebrite Community portal.

Thank you!