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Cellebrite's New Standardized Forensic Training and Certification
Open to all user levels, from beginners to advanced, Cellebrite certification training provides hands-on experience with Cellebrite products and applications, delivering the tools and knowledge required for evidence collection from mobile phones and portable GPS devices, data analysis, searching, and reporting. Upon completion of a course, each participant receives a certificate, making them eligible to move to the next stage in the curriculum.
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Cellebrite JTAG Extraction and Decoding Course - Learn about the JTAG process, methodologies, purpose and equipment necessary for successful JTAG extractions. Click to learn more.
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Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner (CCME)
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At the successful conclusion of the core curriculum students will have the opportunity to enter an extensive capstone certification process known as Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner (CCME). This capstone examination will test student's knowledge in all of the domains offered in Cellebrite's forensic core curriculum. It will consist of a knowledge test followed by a practical examination in which a mobile device examiner will be asked to extract data, recover certain pieces of evidence and answer questions about the evidence, demonstrating proficiency with Cellebrite's tools and methodology at a level that signifies competency as a Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner.

Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner (CCME) Examination

Upcoming Courses

All Cellebrite courses, whether On Demand or On Site, are based on the same expertly developed curriculum and lead to the same Cellebrite certifications. Courses are optimized for the delivery format, choose from online and in-person classroom options depending on your preferences.

On Demand – Online Anytime

These interactive courses are available without travel and at any hour of the day. This self-paced course is designed with multiple learning tracks, it is NOT a pre-recorded webinar. To learn more, click here. To enroll, simply click on the course title below.

On Site – Classroom

These are Instructor Led courses held at the location listed below, click on the course status to inquire about this course. Students should register no later than the "Enroll By" date for each course as classes are subject to closure after that date.

PLEASE NOTE: Instructor Led Classes are subject to cancellation if there are insufficient student registrations for the class. Cellebrite will refund 100% of the registration cost to the participant or paying organization in the event Cellebrite cancels a class. Cellebrite suggest students wait until two weeks prior to the class or until Cellebrite notification that the class has been activated before booking flight and hotel accommodations. Cellebrite is NOT responsible for costs associated with cancellation of classes such as flight and hotel accommodations for students.