Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA)

3 days
Advanced-level course

Course Description

The Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA) course is a 3-day advanced level program designed for technically savvy investigators, digital evidence analysts and forensic practitioners. As this course focuses on the analysis and advanced search techniques using Physical Analyzer, participants will not be conducting extractions from devices in this course. Physical Analyzer software will be used extensively to explore recovered deleted data, database contents, advanced search and analysis techniques, verification and validation, and reporting.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that students attending this course complete the Cellebrite Mobile Forensics Fundamentals (CMFF) course or test out, as well as the Cellebrite Certified Operator (CCO) course prior to attending.

Course Content

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Physical Analyzer Overview
  • Install Physical Analyzer
  • Install the Translation Package
  • Understand licensing options
  • Configure Physical Analyzer
  • Open extractions with Physical Analyzer
  • View data in Physical Analyzer
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Android Overview and Analysis
  • History of Android
  • Understand the popularity of Android
  • Android hardware
  • Android OS and file system
  • Key aspects of Android security
  • Understand the value of Android in investigations
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iOS Overview and Analysis
  • History of Apple iOS
  • Understand the popularity of Apple iOS
  • Apple hardware
  • Apple iOS and file system
  • Key aspects of Apple iOS security
  • Understand the value of Apple iOS to investigators
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Advanced Functions
  • Using the Open > Advanced function
  • Analyze location information
  • Using the translation function
  • Wear Leveling and Garbage Collection
  • Conduct a byte search and manually bookmark data
  • Conduct searches for 7-Bit
  • Use RegEx searches
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Additional Functions
  • Verify and Validate of data decoded
  • Plug-ins and Chain Manager
  • Report on Technical Findings
Course participants can choose to take the optional written examination and a practical skills test at class conclusion. Successful class completion without attempting or passing the optional examination and skills test results in a Cellebrite Physical Analyst Certificate of Completion.

Successful completion of the Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA) examination and practical skills test results in a Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst Certification credential. Demonstration of mastery of these concepts is one of the prerequisites for students desiring to take the Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner (CCME) certification examination. Students considering the CCME Certification credential are also required to successfully complete the Cellebrite Mobile Forensic Fundamentals (CMFF) course or Cellebrite Mobile Forensic Fundamentals (CMFF) Test Out Option and the Cellebrite Certified Operator (CCO) course.

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