Cellebrite Certified Premium Operator (CCPO)

2 days
Intermediate-level course

Course Description

Cellebrite Certified Premium Operator (CCPO) is a two (2) day intermediate level certification course designed to further develop and practice fundamental mobile forensic techniques focused on Premium extractions. 
The CCPO course is designed to afford participants an opportunity to learn basic and intermediate data extraction techniques to achieve Before First Unlock (BFU) and After First Unlock (AFU) extractions in a forensically sound manner, as well as develop brute-force attack strategies. 

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that students attending this course complete the Cellebrite Mobile Forensics Fundamentals (CMFF) course or test out prior to attending.

Course Content

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Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify the different licensing options and key components of Cellebrite Premium, ES, and Premium as a Service.
  • Understand the installation and configuration of Premium and Premium ES.
  • Explain the best practices for proper evidence handling techniques for Android and iOS devices.
  • Demonstrate the Android and Apple iDevices Premium workflow for extraction.
  • Explain Apple Recovery Mode and Developer Firmware Upgrade (DFU) Mode and understand its uses.
  • Recall data yields for various extraction types in Premium and UFED extraction integrations.
  • Exhibit how to load and open Premium extraction files using Physical Analyzer.
  • Demonstrate proficiency by completing a knowledge-based and practical skills assessment.
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