Cellebrite Reader

1 day
Entry-level course

Course Description

Cellebrite Reader is a one (1) day entry level course designed to familiarize users with .UFDR reports in investigations. The course takes non-technical personnel, from investigators to prosecutors, and introduces them to some basic information about digital devices, digital evidence, and their role in investigations. Students are provided hands-on time with Cellebrite Reader and taught how to analyze, sort, tag, and generate reports for their cases.

Course Content

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Mobile Device Technology Overview
  • Proper Identification of Mobile Devices
  • Overview of How Mobile Devices Communicate
  • Artifacts of Interest
  • Information Potentially Available from Providers
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Introduction to Cellebrite Reader
  • Understand How a UFDR is Created
  • Importing UFDR Files for Analysis
  • Tagging Items of Interest
  • Understand Location-Based Information
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Reporting with Cellebrite Reader
  • Understand Reporting Options Available Through Cellebrite Reader
  • Create Reports Based on Analyzed Data
  • Customize Reports Using the Reporting Wizard
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