Cellebrite Reader Course

Image: Social Media Investigations Training for Law Enforcement

Level - Entry

Course Length: 1 Day

The Cellebrite Reader course is a one-day class designed to familiarize investigators with the use of .UFDR reports in investigations. The course takes non-technical personnel, from investigators to prosecutors, and introduces them to some basic information about digital devices, digital evidence, and their role in investigations. Students are provided hands-on time with Cellebrite Reader and taught how to analyze, sort, tag, and generate reports for their cases.

In the world of modern technology, investigators and prosecutors are faced with an exponentially increasing pool of potential digital evidence. Often, digital forensics laboratories experience months of backlogs leading to delays in pursuing and prosecuting cases. Cellebrite Reader offers an elegant solution to bring non-technical personnel into the digital investigation. Reader allows investigators and prosecutors who, in many instances, possess much more intimate knowledge of the investigation to contribute to the analysis of mobile device data.

The Cellebrite Reader course is comprised of the following modules and lessons:


Mobile Device Technology Overview

  • Proper Identification of Mobile Devices
  • Overview of How Mobile Devices Communicate
  • Artifacts of Interest
  • Information Potentially Available from Providers

Introduction to Cellebrite Reader

  • Understanding How a UFDR is Created
  • Importing UFDR Files for Analysis
  • Tagging Items of Interest
  • Understanding Location-Based Information

Reporting with Cellebrite Reader

  • Understand Reporting Options Available Through Cellebrite Reader
  • Create Reports Based on Analyzed Data
  • Customize Reports Using the Reporting Wizard

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