Cellebrite UFED Field Operator (CUFO) Course


1 days
Entry-level course

The Cellebrite UFED Field Operators (CUFO) Course is designed for examiners with little exposure to or experience in mobile device forensics. This 1-day course focuses on the use of Cellebrite Responder (Kiosk) to perform logical extractions, password bypasses and the analysis of evidentiary items using the Cellebrite Responder software.

Successful completion of the Cellebrite UFED Field Operators (CUFO) examination results in a Cellebrite Certified Field Operators Certification credential. If a student does not pass the exam, a Certificate of Attendance will be awarded.

Course Content

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Mobile Phone Technology
  • Identify mobile device hardware
  • Describe how devices communicate
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Data Storage Locations
  • Storage on mobile devices
  • Storage on SIM cards
  • Storage on SD cards
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Responder (Kiosk) Overview
  • Hardware overview
  • Responder process
  • Extraction overview
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Forensic Handling of Mobile Devices
  • Importance of mobile devices
  • Legal authority
  • Technologies
  • Concealment
  • Isolation and shielding of mobile devices
  • Model identification, IMEI, web resources, and software
  • Device state consideration and collection procedures
  • Chain of custody, documentation, transport, and storage
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Responder (Kiosk) SIM Extractions
  • SIM identification and types
  • Data extraction
  • Radio isolation cards
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Responder (Kiosk) Device Extractions
  • Responder (Kiosk) device identification methods
  • UFED camera
  • Password/PIN extraction and removal
  • Logical extraction of mobile data
  • Configuration changes
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Viewing Data on Responder (Kiosk)
  • Data display
  • Bookmarking data
  • Applying filters
  • Creating reports
  • Saving extraction data
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Responder (Kiosk) SD Card Extraction
  • SD and storage card types
  • SD card extraction with Responder (Kiosk)
  • Use of write-blocker
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