Cellebrite Cloud Extraction and Reporting (CLEAR)


1 day
Entry-level course

Cellebrite’s Cloud Extraction and Reporting (CLEAR) Course is designed for examiners tasked with cloud based and/or social media investigations. This 1 day course focuses on the use of Cellebrite’s UFED Cloud software to perform data extractions, analysis, and reporting of supported cloud based repositories of data.

CERTIFICATES: Successful completion of the Cellebrite Cloud Extraction and Reporting (CLEAR) will result in a certificate of attendance

Course Content

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Cloud Data Identification
  • Supported Media Sites
  • Supported Data Repositories
  • Supported Email Repositories
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Cloud Data Extractions
  • Obtain Account Package stored on a mobile device using Physical Analyzer
  • Export Account Package for UFED Cloud
  • Import Account Package into UFED Cloud
  • Use UFED Cloud with manually entered credentials
  • Create a Cloud Extraction
  • Define date/content categories
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UFED Cloud Interface Training
  • Interface Overview
  • Configuration
  • View and Filter Data
  • Export and Import
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UFED Cloud Reporting
  • Report filtering criteria
  • Generate report
  • View report for analysis
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