Cellebrite Cloud Extraction and Reporting (CLEAR) Course

Cloud Analyzer Course

Level - Beginner
Course Length - 1 Day
Delivery Mode - Online On-Demand Training

NOTE: Instructor-lead live training is available when bundled with other courses. Contact our training coordinators for complete details.


Cellebrite’s Cloud Extraction and Reporting (CLEAR) Course is designed for examiners tasked with cloud based and/or social media investigations. This 1 day course focuses on the use of Cellebrite’s Cloud Analyzer software to perform data extractions, analysis, and reporting of supported cloud based repositories of data.

The CLEAR course competencies include:

Cloud Data Identification

  • Supported Media Sites
  • Supported Data Repositories
  • Supported Email Repositories

Cloud Data Extractions

  • Obtaining Account Package stored on a mobile device using Physical Analyzer
  • Exporting Account Package for Cloud Analyzer
  • Importing Account Package into Cloud Analyzer
  • Using Cloud Analyzer with manually entered credentials
  • Creating a Cloud Extraction
  • Defining date/content categories

Cloud Analyzer Interface Training

  • Interface Overview
  • Configuration
  • Viewing and Filtering Data
  • Exporting and Importing

Cloud Analyzer Reporting

  • Report filtering criteria
  • Generating report
  • Viewing report for analysis

Cloud Analyzer Practical Exercise

  • Hands-on exercise using cloud based repositories.

Click here to download the complete syllabus


Successful completion of the Cellebrite Cloud Extraction and Reporting (CLEAR) will result in a certificate of attendance.

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