Cellebrite Cloud Data Examiner (CCDE)


1 day
Entry-level course

Cellebrite Cloud Data Examiner (CCDE) is a one (1) day entry level course designed to provide practitioners of all experience levels, training with the UFED Cloud feature in Physical Analyzer. Practitioner will learn the foundational knowledge needed to collect, preserve, and analyze data in public and private domains; social-media, instant messaging, file storage, web pages and other cloud-based content using a forensically sound process. After collection, learn to conduct digital searches, filter, and sort data to quickly identify suspects, victims, locations and more.

CERTIFICATES: Successful completion of the Cellebrite Cloud Data Examiner (CCDE) will result in a certificate of attendance

Course Content

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Cloud Data Identification
  • Supported Media Sites
  • Supported Data Repositories
  • Supported Email Repositories
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Cloud Data Extractions
  • Obtain Account Package stored on a mobile device using Physical Analyzer
  • Export Account Package for UFED Cloud
  • Import Account Package into UFED Cloud
  • Use UFED Cloud with manually entered credentials
  • Create a Cloud Extraction
  • Define date/content categories
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UFED Cloud Interface Training
  • Interface Overview
  • Configuration
  • View and Filter Data
  • Export and Import
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UFED Cloud Reporting
  • Report filtering criteria
  • Generate report
  • View report for analysis
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