Video Evidence Recovery and Analysis (VERA) Course

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Level - Intermediate

Course Length: 4-Days

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Course objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

• Understand video standards, frame rates and aspect ratios.

• Recognize compression, codecs, file formats and containers

• Understand Digital Video Recording devices and technology

• Demonstrate Best practices and methods of video extraction

• Accurately document video extractionsIntroduction

• Cellebrite's core training and certification process.

• Cellebrite's accolades and accomplishments.

• Recognizing the current tools and solutions used in digital investigations.

• The legal responsibilities of investigators conducting digital investigations.

Basic Technical Overview

• Digital Video Terminology

• Digital Video Definitions

• Digital Video Technology

Traditional DVR Acquisition and Recovery

• Traditional acquisition methods

• USB Export

• DVR Interface

• Cloning

• Analog output

• Screen Recording

Traditional Playback and Processing of Digital Video Evidence

• Proprietary players

• Screen Captures

• Transcoding vs. Rewrapping

• Codecs

Simplified Acquisition of Digital Video Evidence

• DVR Examiner Hands-On Overview

• Basic Walkthrough of the DVR Examiner User Interface

• Demonstration of the “easy and better way” to acquire digital video evidence

Simplified Processing of Digital Video Evidence

• iNPUT-ACE Hands-On Overview

• Basic Walkthrough of the iNPUT-ACE User Interface

• Demonstration of the “easy and better way” to process and analyze digital video evidence

Legal and Evidentiary Considerations

• Best Practices

• Federal Rules of Evidence, Chain of Custody and Evidence Integrity

• Consent, Warrants and Seizure

• Demonstrate the hands-on use of DVE Examiner and iNPUT-ACE

Acquisition Best Practices

• Bag and Tag

• Date/Time Offsets and Logging Serial Numbers

• Contacting Owner for Information

• Use of Write-Blockers

• Imaging and Hands-on Hashing

• DVR Disassembly

DVR Examiner Overview

• DVR Examiner in Depth

• DVR File Structures

• Date/Time Filtering

• Inaccessible Data

• Extracting Video Clips and Saving Projects

Building Projects with iNPUT-ACE

• Focused hands-on instruction on the use of iNPUT-ACE to build projects.

• Organizing File List / Projects

• Marking / Grouping Images

• Saving / Reloading Projects

Technical Considerations Processing Digital Video

• Infrared Considerations

• Interlacing

• Aspect Ratio

• Refresh Rates

• Frame Hashing / Rewrapping

Video Compression Overview

• Spatial Compression

• Temporal Compression

• Macroblock Analysis

• Video

Building Narrative Reports with iNPUT-ACE

• Building a Narrative Report

• Creating Demonstrative Exhibits

• Sub-Clip Concatenation

• Working with a Case

• Reporting

Hands-On Practical Acquisition

• Students are provided with a scenario.

• Students use practical skills learned to acquire digital video from several digital video sources.

Hands-On Practical Processing and Reporting

• Students will build upon digital video acquired during the acquisition hands-on practical exercise

• Students will apply techniques learned and process the mock-scene video.

• Students will prepare a report on their findings.

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