Apple Forensic Investigations


5 days

Intermediate-level course

Apple® Forensic Investigations is the perfect way to quickly and effectively learn how to navigate the most important Mac, iPhone, and iPad device areas. Through hands-on learning and case-based scenarios, students will learn from experts how to perform both triage and analysis of specific data artifacts that exist within Apple’s devices, including operating system and file system artifacts.

This course will guide students through the most important macOS and iOS device areas. The macOS and iOS operating systems, HFS+ and APFS file systems and significant application data are explored.

Course Content

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macOS and iOS Device Areas
  • Handling seized digital devices
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macOS and iOS Operating Systems
  • Operating system overview
  • File system artifacts
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HFS+ and APFS File Systems
  • Significant application data
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Analysis Methodologies
  • Triage and analysis
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