Cellebrite In-System Programming (ISP) Forensic Training

5 days
Advanced-level course

Course Description

Cellebrite In-System Programming (CISP) training is a five (5) day advanced level course lead by Cellebrite Certified Instructors (CCIs). During the CISP course, participants will learn about In-System Programming (ISP) processes and techniques using the precision soldering, eMMC/eMCP theory, and methodologies. Attendees will become familiar with the equipment and accessories necessary to perform direct eMMC/eMCP (ISP) extractions, without the need for chip-off and the destruction of the mobile device.

Course Content

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Mobile Device Technology Overview
  • Proper Identification of Mobile Devices
  • Overview of How Mobile Devices Communicate
  • Artifacts of Interest
  • Information Potentially Available from Providers
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Flash Memory
  • Practical implications of ISP a mobile device
  • Method
  • JTAG vs. ISP
  • Safety Concerns
  • Encryption
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Electrical Theory and Power
  • Mobile Device Power
  • Basic Elecronics
  • Powering eMMC/eMCP chip for ISP
  • Using DC Power Supply
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Soldering Technique
  • Solder the enamed wire onto the circut board
  • Purpose
  • Safety
  • Techniques
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Reference and Research
  • How to determine if ISP process is the best option.
  • ISP pinouts
  • Support or unsupport ISP process
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Tools and Equipment
  • Equipment needed to safely prepare a mobile device for ISP
  • Equipment needed to safely remove the chip
  • Items needed for post processing
  • Basic soldering/cleaning
  • Preparing the board for soldering
  • Testing Connectivity
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Forensic Process
  • Best practice for ISP process
  • Hashing
  • Validation
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Cell Phone Disassembly
  • Sealed devices
  • Battery precautions
  • Parts
  • Removing the motherboard
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eMMC/eMCP Chip Removal
  • Heat Gun Methods
  • Chip Removal
  • Cleaning
  • Locate the ISP Pinout using multimeter
  • Preparing to read
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RIFF Box and Z3X Box Software
  • Install RIFF Box and Z3X Box software
  • Discuss various options within the software
  • Add on accessories
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Z3X Pro Imaging
  • Using the MOORC kit
  • Z3X Pro Software
  • Direct-Solder onto a eMMC/eMCP chip
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Introduction to Physical Analyzer
  • PA Advanced Open
  • PA Chaining for flash memory
  • Preparing a report of results
  • Practicalstart with a device which must have the chip removed to process the data.
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