Cellebrite Commander Operations Manager (CCOM) Course


1/2 day
Entry-level Manager course

The Cellebrite Commander Operations Manager (CCOM) Course is designed for staff that will administer Kiosk installations. This half-day course focuses on the management of Cellebrite’s Responder (Kiosk) including access control, updates and logging using the Cellebrite Responder software and Permission Manager.

NOTICE: This course is for Cellebrite Responder Software and Kiosk-based solutions only. It is not training in our Pro Series Forensic Core classes that use UFED Touch, UFED4PC and our Logical/Physical Analyzer Software.

This half-day course is a stand-alone unit and will result in a Cellebrite CCOM Certificate of Attendance.

Course Content

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Mobile Phone Technology
  • Identify mobile device hardware
  • Describe how devices communicate
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Responder Overview
  • Identify key features of Responder hardware
  • Understand Responder extraction process
  • Identify data that can be extracted by Kiosk
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Identify data that can be extracted by Responder
  • Create Users to manage access
  • Create Profiles to manage Users
  • Understand Notifications
  • Custom offence lists
  • Use of UPM files
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Logon to Responder
  • Perform logon
  • Settings and UPM file import
  • Language support
  • Data storage locations
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Updates and Logs
  • Importance of software updates
  • Different logs created and their use
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