Certified Evidence Repair Technician - Forensic (CERT-F) Course

Image: Graphic: CERT-F Shield

Level - Expert

Course Length: 5 Days

The Certified Evidence Repair Technician – Forensic (CERT-F) course is a 5-day expert level program designed to teach investigators who encounter damaged mobile devices which require repair before facilitating the extraction of data in a forensically sound manner. In this highly interactive course, students will learn best practices and how to replace key components on mobile devices and USB flash drives using proper disassembly and reassembly techniques. Students will learn how to use proper heat and basic soldering techniques to repair or replace components that include, but are not limited to inoperative data and charging ports, broken LCD screens, power buttons, “home” buttons and other parts. Upon successful completion of this course, students may earn their CERT-F certification by completing a practical competency examination. The exam requires students to successfully diagnose and repair a provided handset and achieve a successful extraction using UFED technology.

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By passing an examination and practical skills assessment in this course, you will earn the Certified Evidence Repair Technician - Forensic credential.

Attendees will receive a toolkit for repairing/opening phones as well as a solder practice board.

The CERT-F course is comprised of the following modules and lessons:

1. Introduction

2. Overview of Mobile Device Evidence Repair

  • 3 Levels of RepairMajor Component Identification
  • Diagnosis
  • Disassemble (if required)
  • Identity/ Repair /Replace
  • Reassemble
  • Data Extraction

3. Form Factor Identification, Disassembly, & Reassembly

  • Dome Repair
  • Phone Disassembly/Reassembly
  • Alternate Repair Techniques

4. Apple Devices

  • Advanced Disassembly Techniques
  • Reassembly
  • iPhone Data/Charging Port Replacement
  • iPhone LCD/Digitizer Screen Replacement

5. Water Damage

  • Corrosion
  • Treatment/Repair

6. Soldering

  • Introduction to Soldering
  • Types of Solder Repairs
  • Cold Swap
  • Hot Swap

7. Working Device Repair Activity

  • Cold Swap
  • Flex Printed Circuit Connection
  • Hot Swap
  • Data Port/Charging Port Replacement

8. UFED Technology - Data Extraction

9. Practical Competency Examination

  • Diagnose, repair, and extract data using UFED Technology
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