Certified Evidence Repair Technician - Forensic (CERT-F)

5 days
Expert-level course

Course Description

Certified Evidence Repair Technician – Forensic (CERT-F) is a five (5) day expert level course designed to teach investigators how to repair mobile phones to complete data extractions in a forensically sound manner. In this highly interactive course, students will learn best practices and how to replace key components on mobile devices and USB flash drives using proper disassembly and reassembly techniques.

Students will learn how to use proper heat and basic soldering techniques to repair or replace components that include but are not limited to inoperative data and charging ports, broken LCD screens, power buttons, “home” buttons and other parts.

NEW! Unique custom-made Advanced Solutions Kits for various extraction methods. Advanced Solution Kits are available as a stand-alone "solution kit only" purchase or as a bundle with this course. To learn more, or to purchase this course with an accompanying solution kit visit our page About Advanced Solution Kits.

Upon successful completion of this course, students may earn their CERT-F certification by completing a practical competency examination. The exam requires students to successfully diagnose and repair a provided handset and achieve a successful extraction using UFED technology.

Course Content

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Mobile Device Technology Overview
  • Identify mobile device hardware and operating systems.
  • Discuss how mobile devices communicate.
  • Discuss how technology affects network capacity.
  • Information on how devices and subscribers are identified on networks.
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Forensics Process Overview
  • Description of the first responder’s role
  • Description of the four phases of the digital forensics process
  • Identify challenges when applying the process to mobile devices (Android and iOS locks)
  • Discuss the data extraction approach
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Seizure of Mobile Devices
  • The importance of evidence handling and documentation
  • Identify tools and equipment for seizing mobile devices as evidence
  • Apply proper procedures for seizing mobile devices in a manner that preserves evidence integrity
  • Sterilize media to be used for storage of evidence
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