Cellebrite Pathfinder Courses

Cellebrite Pathfinder courses

Are you tasked with dealing with an enormous volume of data, and digital evidence which requires filtering and analyzing?
We can help train you on how to expediate your investigations.

Both of the following courses focus on the use of the Cellebrite Pathfinder software. 

They highlight various methods to expedite the investigation using artificial intelligence to highlight relevant leads, enabling investigators to resolve cases more efficiently.

Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner

The Single User version of the course focuses on the single user’s desktop installation experience.

Pathfinder Desktop
Cellebrite Pathfinder Enterprise Teams (CPET)

Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner

The Enterprise/Teams version of the course includes an overview of the User Management System (UMS), the mechanism for configuring multiple users, which allows for collaborative case management.

Pathfinder Dashboard
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