Cellebrite Pathfinder Single User (CPS)


2 days
Entry-level course

Cellebrite Pathfinder Single User (CPS) is a two (2) day course designed for familiarizing users with the Cellebrite Pathfinder solution. The course is ideal for investigators, analysts, and prosecutors tasked with analyzing cloud-based and digital evidence. This course focuses on the use of Pathfinder software to expedite the investigation using artificial intelligence to highlight relevant leads so cases can be resolved more efficiently.

The Single User version of the course focuses on the single user's desktop installation experience. Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.

Course Content

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Introduction to Pathfinder
  • Discover Pathfinder and what it is used for
  • Work with settings and create a new case
  • Discover the Help Menu, User Manual, and Search Feature
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The Dashboard
  • Explore the Dashboard
  • Assess the targets of an investigation, quickly and efficiently
  • Focus on major players of an investigation to expedite the process
  • Discover the different panels and information the dashboard provides about the targets of an investigation
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Faceted Filters and Timeline
  • Discover Faceted Filters and how to use them
  • Discover the Arrange, Search and Advanced Search Features
  • Discover the Calendar, Save Filters and Tag Features
  • Practice using some of these filters and features
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Multiple Extractions
  • Explore the Dashboard and Timeline
  • Discover how to use the Dashboard and Timeline with multiple extractions
  • Use the Dashboard and Timeline with multiple extractions
  • Discover the Graph and Map views
  • Use the Graph and Map views
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Multiple Extractions: Gallery and Chat Views
  • Explore the Gallery view
  • Categorize media files
  • Manage audio files
  • Discover how to search by image and similar faces
  • Explore the Chats view
  • Filter chats by topic
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Multiple Extractions: The Persons View
  • Explore the Persons view
  • Discover how to search for a person by name or phone number
  • Discover how to edit owner's card
  • Discover how to merge parties into one person
  • Use the features available in the Persons view
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  • Recognize the difference between a private and public report
  • Discover how to generate investigative private, and public report
  • Use features to generate a forensic report
  • Explore the Whiteboard
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