Cellebrite Basic Forensic Investigations (CBFI)

2 days
 Entry level course

Cellebrite Basic Forensic Investigator (CBFI) is a two (2) day entry level course designed to provide users with an introduction to digital forensics methodologies, related to computer investigations. Whether the goal is to learn the fundamentals for investigative techniques or gain experience with Cellebrite’s tools the CBFI course provides a perfect opportunity. The course is taught using a full scenario-based investigative tutorial to better merge the different skill levels of attendees. Participants will achieve the CBFI certification upon passing a knowledge skills assessment with a score of 80% or better.

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Acquiring Data
  • Discuss MacQuisition features and functions
  • Explain Logical file collection procedures
  • Review imaging processes for different media
  • Explore the investigations workflow
  • Discuss the proper handling of digital case evidence
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Processing Options
  • Review Mac Artifacts and Processing
  • Discuss Windows Artifacts and Processing
  • Practice Viewing Artifacts
  • Create Artifact Filters
  • Explain the Importance of Metadata
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Tagging Items of Interest
  • Explain How to Tag Items of Interest
  • Practice Tagging Item of Interest
  • Discuss Tagging Multiple Items Simultaneously
  • Explain the Value of Tagging in Hex View
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Data Filtering and Cultivation
  • Discuss the Data Filtering
  • Explore the Use of Content Searches
  • Review the Use of Custom Hash Sets
  • Explained How to Compare Indexed Searches
  • Practice Searches by Content Types
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  • Review Media View Filtering and Organization
  • Explain GeoData Markers and Mapping
  • Practice Video file for GeoData Mapping
  • Discuss Exporting Images for Review
  • Describe the Uses for Image Analyzer to Establish Categories and Assess Threat Levels
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  • Explain the Android Acquisition Process
  • Discuss the iOS Acquisition Process
  • Describe the iOS Backups Data Acquisition Method
  • Review the Methods for Ingesting 3rd Party Acquisitions
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  • Practice Choosing Report Items
  • Review the Function that Permits Rearranging Tags for Reporting
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Other Topics
  • Review Updated Features and Functions
  • Explain the Integration and Ability to Parse 3rd Party Data Acquisitions
  • Describe the BitLocker Integration Procedure
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Developing Actionable Intelligence
  • Discuss the Actionable Intelligence Tab
  • Explain the Parsing of Mac and Windows Artifacts
  • Practice Navigating to Actionable Intelligence Tab and Completing Searches
  • Explore Mac Actionable Intelligence Artifacts
  • Compare the Differences Between Preview Data and Actionable Intelligence Data
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Data Analysis
  • Describe Automated and Manual Productivity Features
  • Review the parsing of communications that include Mac call records
  • Practice Filtering Application Communication Records
  • Parse Locations Data from Media, Calendar, and Other Sources
  • Explain the Internet Connections and Browsing Data
  • Explain the Case Data Analysis and Reporting Features
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