Live Online Preparation

If this is your first Live Online course, there are multiple application downloads / installations involved.

We find our students are most satisfied when they test their PC setup at least 24 hours in advance.

1. Get your workspace set up

2. Perform WebEx system test (depending on your class)

3. Download and install remote access software

    a. Apple Forensic Courses will use RealVNC

    b. Splashtop for Business client for all other classes


Let’s get started!

Setting up your Workspace

dual monitors

1) Dual Monitors or Two Computers

We recommend using a dual monitor system (while using the extended desktop setting) or use two computers.
Watch and listen to the instructor on one screen - work on a remote forensic workstation on the other.

Only have a single monitor or computer? You can still take the course, just be aware you will likely be swapping between open windows to follow along with instructor-led exercises.


2) Headset and Microphone

You will need a headset and microphone (or you may call in via telephone) to listen and interact with the instructor. A camera is not required.

dual monitorsdual monitors

3) Internet Connection

Higher bandwidth connections enable you to have the best experience using our remote workstations. Do not use public wifi connections if possible to avoid connectivity issues. 
We have successfully tested our online training system on low bandwidth connections, but recommend connecting from a location with reliable fast wired internet.

Virtual Training Software and Application

Used for Live Online training

Graphic: GoToTraining Logo

The virtual classroom will usually open 15-30 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.  

You should receive a reservation email with and a link to join the online classroom prior to the start of the class.  You can also access the session under the course link titled Live Online Sessions.

For students using WebEx Training Center, we have created an instructional video to assist with the setup process.

Start instructional video (on YouTube)


Please test your ability to use WebEx with the computer and internet connection you will use during the course.
Splashtop Business Software and Application

Not Needed for Analytics Enterprise or Apple Forensic Classes 

Graphic: Splashtop Logo

Look for the download link for Splashtop Business App for your operating system.

There is no need to sign up for an account.
Your instructor will provide credentials for connections during the course. Only download and install.

Be sure to only select a link specific to your operating system

Watch the Splashtop Installation video below.



NOTE (FOR GOOGLE CHROME USERS): Do not attempt to use the Splashtop Chrome plugin. Please download the full application. Some activities we engage in are not supported by the plug-in.

Remote Machine Access through VNC

Required for Apple Forensic courses only

Please download and review the instructions (button on left) on how to log into your remote examination machine through VNC. 

Your instructor will provide your specific log in details and password once you join the  session prior to the start of class.

Make sure to join the session at least 15 minutes early to receive your virtual machine and test your connection.
Additional Considerations

Add the Cellebrite Learning Center to Trusted Sites list 

Some office networks have restrictions on the types of connections allowed and applications that users are allowed to connect to. In this case, add to all relevant trusted sites lists.

Not adding the learning environment site(s) to your browsers "Trusted" sites could result in login difficulties or simply impact the performance and your experience interacting with our system.


Need support? Click here

- or -

Open the Contact Us menu at any time and select Technical Support Inquiry

Starting the process early provides our technical support teams with more time to help you with any issues.

In addition, system updates happen all the time for all of us – better to be safe than sorry.

For some, it may be necessary to provide your IT administrator with this information to ensure you can successfully connect to the resources required. 

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