Cellebrite Advanced JTAG Extraction (CAJE)

Graphic: CAJE Shield

Level - Expert

Course Length: 4 Days

During this course, participants will learn about the JTAG process, electrical theory, methodologies, and purpose as well as understand the equipment and accessories necessary for successful JTAG extractions. Instructors will help attendees to not only develop, but also to hone fundamental soldering skills, gain practical knowledge with hands-on practice as well as share best practices and legal considerations for processing JTAG extractions. Additionally, participants will learn how to fully leverage the Physical Analyzer to decode JTAG extractions properly. As part of their attendance, participants will receive a Z3X Pro (Easy JTAG) box, a class-specific toolkit, and a Cellebrite soldering practice board.

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The CAJE course is comprised of the following modules and lessons:
1. Introduction

2. Foundations of the JTAG

  • Purpose of JTAG
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Understanding of Test Access Points/Pads=TAPS
  • Overview of the Reading Process

3. Small Device Electrical Theory

  • Smartphone File Systems
  • Flash/NAND/eMMC memory
  • On Board Tracing
  • Power Requirements
  • Damaged devices

4. Research Techniques to determine case-specific JTAG viability

  • Determining if JTAG is an available option
  • Forums
  • Websites for TAP Identification
  • JTAG Finder / Process / Probing –TAP Identification

5. JTAG Soldering Techniques & Best Practices

  • Familiarize and Understanding of Soldering
  • Safety Considerations for Soldering
  • Recommend Soldering Techniques
  • Removal of Solder

6. RIFF 2 JTAG Box

  • Hands-On Set-Up and Use of RIFF 2 Box
  • Overview of RIFF 2 Box and Functionality
  • Warnings or Advisory of the RIFF
  • Installation/Updates of RIFF Box / Hands-on Practical
  • Overview of Advanced Features
  • Walk through Read Process

7. Additional Tools and Equipment

  • Overview of Additional Boxes
  • Introduction to Necessary for JTAG Extractions
  • Beyond the RIFF Box-Other Available Boxes
  • JTAG Accessories
  • Additional Training
  • Molex Connectors for JTAG

8. Forensic Process and Best Practices

  • Recommended Best Practices for JTAG
  • Acquisition/Hashing/Copy/Rehashing/Validation of BIN
  • Legal Considerations
  • Presenting and Testifying to JTAG Evidence

9. Z3X Pro Box

  • Hands-On Set-Up and Use of Z3X Pro Box
  • Overview of Z3X Pro Box and Functionality
  • Warnings or Advisory of the Z3X
  • Installation/Updates of Z3X Box / Hands-on Practical
  • Overview of ISP Features and board
  • Walk through Read JTAG/ISP Process

10. Working with JTAG Extractions and UFED Physical Analyzer

  • Advanced Features
  • Chains
  • Reconstructing the File System
  • Password Recovery
  • Working with JTAG Extractions

11. Validation and Reporting on Technical Findings

  • Validation Methods
  • Reporting Elements for Mobile Device Forensics

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