Cellebrite Online On Demand Training and Certification

Cellebrite’s industry standard certification training is available On Demand Online. The same globally recognized Cellebrite courses, optimized for interactive and engaging online learning, provides broad access to mobile forensic training. Available from anywhere at any time, Cellebrite’s On Demand Online courses are ideal for:

  • Organizations with travel restrictions
  • Individuals on assignment, or unable to take time off the job to attend classroom training
  • Individuals who simply prefer self-paced learning

On Demand Online training offers organizations great efficiencies. It provides scale, enabling the simultaneous training of large teams. It enables learning without interruption to operations. Online training can be a component in a blended learning strategy.

Cellebrite’s benchmark training curriculum is delivered On Demand Online without compromise. Each module is designed to engage students with dynamic navigation and regular ‘learning checks’ to provide real-time feedback on progress. Interactive lessons provide practice exercises enabling skill development. This is not a recorded webinar.

For additional information download the Online On-Demand Training Requirements sheet.

If you have any questions about the requirements for Online On-Demand use the Contact Us option above to reach one of our Cellebrite Training team members.

Engaging & Interactive Lessons

Cellebrite On Demand Online courses allow students to engage in dynamic lessons.

In this module students learn how to properly seize a mobile device. A sequence of ‘step actions’ is presented to the student. Conditional logic is built into the lesson, to account for the different scenarios in which a mobile device may be found, and correspondingly the different steps that should be followed. Different colors and on-screen motion are used to help guide and keep students on task.

Skills Development & Practice

On Demand Online courses incorporate practical exercises, enabling students to learn forensic techniques and processes by “doing” the work.

In this module, data encoding is explained, examples are provided and then students complete encoding exercises. The online format allows for the breakdown of complex topics and permits students to re-visit a lesson for review and additional practice.

Cellebrite Certified Instruction

The Cellebrite Forensic Training System ensures that whether a course is taken online or in the classroom, the same learning and performance objectives are implemented. Cellebrite Certified Instructors lead in all course development and are further integrated “virtually” into the online course.

In this example, a vCCI icon appears in the upper right corner of a screen. When hovering over it with their cursor, students are able to gain topical insights from the vCCI. In this way, the experience of seasoned practitioners and instructors is further layered into to the online learning experience.

Online On-Demand Training Requirements

To successfully complete the Online On-Demand students must have access to certain materials, while others will be provided to them. 

Online On-Demand courses do not include hardware and software, therefore students who do not already have or have access to currently licensed Cellebrite hardware and software are encouraged to take one of our Instructor-Led or Live Online classes.  

Quality in Online Learning at Cellebrite Inc.

In 2018, Cellebrite received numerous distinguished recognitions for our Online Training & Certification Program, confirming our reputation as a premium training provider. Cellebrite received official course certifications for online course design standards from Quality Matters (QM) for each of our online, on-demand core forensic classes and the Omni Award for outstanding achievements in film and video for training. These achievements recognize our staff and instructors for their efforts in quality assurance and online course design as Cellebrite continues to invest in our online courses and flexible training options.

As part of Cellebrite's commitment to deliver best-in-class curriculum, we subscribe to Quality Matters, Inc. and apply the QM Continuing & Professional Education (CPE) Rubric to all of our courses, regardless of delivery format (online, live online, and instructor-led). QM's rubrics are research-based and driven by best practices, quality assurance standards, a peer-review process, and the principles needed to ensure the highest quality instruction and student learning experience. Quality Matters's standards are not only internationally respected but their assurance tools and rigorous and professional development is used by institutions that range from K-12, Higher Education, Continuing & Professional Education, course publishers, and education service providers. 

Cellebrite, Inc. has been recognized by Quality Matters for the following courses: 

About Quality Matters

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Quality Matters (QM) is an international, US-based non-profit organization specializing in standards, processes and professional development for quality assurance in online and blended learning. QM tools and resources are regularly revised to reflect current research and best practices. When you see QM Certification Marks on courses or programs, it means they have met QM Course Design Standards or QM Program Review Criteria in a rigorous review process.

To learn more about the benefits of applying Quality Matters to Cellebrite courses visit: https://www.qualitymatters.org/research

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