Cellebrite Analytics Desktop (AD) - Live Online Training **CST**

Date: 20 Jan 2021 Days: Wed-Wed Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (timezone America/Chicago)
Course type: Live Online
Region: North America
Location: Live online
Capacity:Few seats left
Enroll by: 20 Jan 2021
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About this course


The Cellebrite Analytics class is designed for participants intending to acquire or who currently possess Cellebrite Analytics software.


Cellebrite Live Online training sessions are designed for individual learners.

To participate in this live online course, each student must have:

Cellebrite will provide:

  • Remote access to a workstation running licensed Cellebrite software for use during this course.
  • A highly qualified Cellebrite Certified Instructor teaching each session who will be available to interact live with students.
  • This course does not include a student manual - printed or electronically - and therefore, nothing will be shipped to students.

About Cellebrite Analytics Training

The Cellebrite Analytics Desktop (AD) course is a one-day class designed to familiarize and prepare persons tasked with transforming raw data into knowledge and actionable intelligence. Participants will learn to apply various techniques to proficiently search, review, and analyze data to produce a report of findings. Applying the automated media and text analytics functions of PD, participants learn to rapidly process and categorize evidence based on concealed or embedded characteristics. PD engineering provides the necessary interface to ingest cellular service provider call detail records (CDRs) and conventional digital forensic evidence files (E01). The inclusion of vital third-party records and files enhances the analysis of a subject’s activities, including time and geographic proximity comparisons to other persons and events. Through materials review and practical exercises, participants will learn to apply customized workflows, faceted filters, merge personal identifiers, and complete assisted-automated link analyses to connect persons and subject matter. PD was designed, and is in use by multiple organizations, to manage Big Data in investigations and intelligence-led initiatives.

Notice: The AD course is for Pathfinder Desktop, not training in the Cellebrite Forensic Core classes associated with Touch2, 4PC, Reader, Logical Analyzer, or Physical Analyzer Software.