Chip-Off Forensics Training

Course type: Instructor Led
Location: United States

About this course

Cellebrite’s Advanced Smartphone Extraction (CASE) training is an advanced-level five-day course lead by Cellebrite Certified Instructors (CCIs). During this course, participants will learn about the chip-off process using a milling process, and lap/polishing through the board, NOR/NAND theory, methodologies, and purpose as well as understand the equipment and accessories necessary for performing successful chip-off extractions. Instructors will help attendees to not only develop, but also to hone fundamental soldering skills, gain practical knowledge with hands-on practice as well as share best practices and legal considerations for processing chip-off extractions. Additionally, participants will learn how to fully leverage the Physical Analyzer to properly decode the extractions. Students will become familiar with conducting eMMC/eMCP extractions directly from a damaged memory chip using the Z3X Pro box, should it be necessary.

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