CMFF Test Out Exam

Course type: On Line On Demand
Location: On demand
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About this course


The CMFF Test Out Examination is for forensic practitioners who have not attended a CMFF course or who have the requisite background knowledge and experience to take this test without taking the full CMFF course. There are 25 questions with a time limit of 60 minutes for this examination. Participants will only be able to make one attempt in completing this test with a passing score of 80%

  • The CMFF Test Out is only presented in the English language
  • Students who do not pass the examination must enroll, attend, and pass a CMFF course in order to receive this certificate.
  • Students who pass the examination will earn the CMFF Certificate of Completion
  • This is the only test-out option offered by Cellebrite
  • Students have ONE attempt to pass the CMFF Test Out Option
  • Books are not provided or available for the CMFF Test out option

  • The enrollment fee for the CMFF Test Out Option provides the enrolled participant with online access to make one attempt to complete the test anytime within 45 days from the date of enrollment.