CLEAR - Cloud Extraction and Reporting

Course type: On Line On Demand
Region: North America
Location: On demand
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About this course


The Cloud Extraction and Reporting (CLEAR) Course is designed for examiners tasked with cloud-based and/or social media investigations. This 1-day (7-hour) course focuses on the use of Cellebrite’s Cloud Analyzer software to perform data extractions, analysis, and reporting of supported cloud-based repositories of data.

Enrollment Fee: The enrollment fee for this course provides the enrolled participant with online access to the course and all associated course resources for three (3) months. The course is self-paced and is designed to support participants who are unable to attend an instructor-led class or who require additional scheduling flexibility.

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Modules covered in the CLEAR course include:

Overview of Cloud Data

  • Identify supported media sites, cloud data repositories, and email repositories
  • Describe challenges presented by cloud-based storage solutions 
  • Perform the installation process for the Cloud Analyzer software 
  • Identify the available licensing methods for the Cloud Analyzer software
Using Cloud Analyzer

  • Perform the steps to export an Account Package from Physical Analyzer 
  • Perform the steps to import an Account Package into Cloud Analyzer 
  • Identify the key features of the Cloud Analyzer interface 
  • Conduct a cloud-data extraction with manually entered credentials on a test mobile device
Analyzing and Reporting

  • Perform the filtering functions available within the Cloud Analyzer interface 
  • Perform the steps to generate a report on cloud-based data 
  • Identify the available filters when generating reports in Cloud Analyzer 
  • View a report generated with the Cloud Analyzer software


Successful completion of the Cellebrite Cloud Extraction and Reporting (CLEAR) will result in a certificate of attendance.

Course Access

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  • Although this is a self-paced fully online class, we suggest students follow a similar schedule to the instructor-led format (provided in the next section) in order to ensure they successfully complete the entire class, before their access period expires.
  • In the event that additional access time is needed, the student must wait until the number of days reaches 0 days, at which point the countdown will become a button to request an extension of 30-days. You will not be able to request the extension prior to the expiration of those days, to ensure you get an additional full-term for the request.
  • Extension requests typically take 1-2 business days to review/approve and limited to a one-time request. If the student fails to complete the course after the approval of the 30-day extension, you may be required to purchase the class again and start over.

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