Cellebrite Cloud Data Examiner - Live Online Sweden

Date: 24 Nov 2022 Days: Thu-Thu Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (timezone Europe/Stockholm)
Course type: Live Online
Region: Europe, Middle-East and Africa
Location: Live online
Capacity:Few seats left
Enroll by: 24 Nov 2022
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About this course

Cellebrite Cloud Data Examiner (CCDE) is a one (1) day entry level course designed to provide practitioners of all experience levels, training with the UFED Cloud feature in Physical Analyzer. Practitioner will learn the foundational knowledge needed to collect, preserve, and analyze data in public and private domains; social-media, instant messaging, file storage, web pages and other cloud-based content using a forensically sound process. After collection, learn to conduct digital searches, filter, and sort data to quickly identify suspects, victims, locations and more.

Download course information here: Cellebrite Cloud Data Examiner

Learning objectives
Cellebrite’s Cloud Extraction and Reporting (CLEAR) Course is designed for examiners tasked with cloud based and/or social media investigations. This 1 day course focuses on the use of Cellebrite’s Cloud Analyzer software to perform data extractions, analysis, and reporting of supported cloud based repositories of data.