*** CXL Cellebrite Corporate Investigator Fundamentals - Live Online

Date: 29 Aug - 01 Sep 2022 Days: Mon-Thu Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (timezone America/Chicago)
Course type: Live Online
Region: North America
Location: Live online
Enroll by: 29 Aug 2022

About this course


Cellebrite Corporate Investigator Fundamentals (CCIF) is a 4 Day Entry/Beginner-level course designed for corporate investigators who deal with internal employee relations, fraud, safety, and security matters. This class is essential for corporate investigators who want to learn about tools, software, methods, and workflows to investigate security issues arising incorporate environments.

This class includes hands on basic experience with UFED/4PC, Digital Collector, Inspector, and Physical Analyzer needed in private sector investigations. Learners will be presented with use-case scenarios and methods to find digital intelligence pertinent to situations faced in the corporate space This class does NOT currently include hands on experience with Endpoint Inspector or advanced use of tools or software.

The CCIF is the entry-level course for individuals seeking to gain knowledge and experience necessary for intermediate or advanced courses. Throughout the course, participants will gain knowledge and basic-level hands on experience to succeed as private sector investigators.

Download course information here: Cellebrite Corporate Investigator Fundamentals