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With Cellebrite Learning Center’s core bundles, you’ll go from entry-level DI practitioner to advanced forensics pro in just a few weeks.

Digital Intelligence Training Courses

Learn from industry-leading experts. Enhance your forensics skills and knowledge. Accelerate justice for victims and families.

Mobile Forensics

Learn how to access and extract digital data, overcome complicated locks, encryption barriers, damaged devices, and more.


Keep up with the ever-evolving digital intelligence and investigative space. Go back to school with Cellebrite and advance your education.

Computer Forensics

Our market-leading solutions provide the quickest and most comprehensive analysis of data stored on Windows-based and Mac computers.
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Cellebrite Certified Corporate Investigator (CCI)

The Cellebrite Certified Corporate Investigator (CCI) course is a 3-day Intermediate level program designed for corporate, private, and eDiscovery examiners.

Cellebrite Collection Acquisition and Triage (CCAT)

The Cellebrite Collection Acquisition and Triage (CCAT) four (4) day course that combines the Cellebrite Certified Operator (CCO) and Cellebrite Basic Forensic Investigator (CBFI) courses.